Bugs often get fixed in master before release branches. When a bug is fixed in the master branch, it might be desirable or necessary in a stable branch. To put the fix in stable branch we need to backport the fix to stable branch.

Anyone in the community can suggest a backport. If you are interested to suggest a backport, please check the Backport Wishlist.

This page describes the steps needed to backport simple changes. Changes that do not apply cleanly will need some manual modifications and using git cherry-pick may not always be the easiest solution.

  1. Git clone the GlusterFS code git clone ssh://username@review.gluster.org/glusterfs

  2. Create and checkout a new branch for your work, based on the branch for the backport version

    git checkout -t -b bug-123456/release-3.5 origin/release-3.5

  3. Cherry pick the change from master.

    $ git cherry-pick -x a0b1c2d3e4f5
  4. verify that the change has been merged in the master branch.

  5. Update/correct the commit message.

    $ git commit -s --amend --date="$(date)"
  6. make sure to quote the review tags

  7. update the BUG reference, point to the BUG that is used for this particular release-branch
  8. add a Signed-off-by tag

  9. Run ./rfc.sh to post the backport for review.


After submitting patch(es), make sure to move the bug to the POST status.