Static Code Analysis Tools

Bug fixes for issues reported by Static Code Analysis Tools should follow Development Work Flow


GlusterFS is part of Coverity's scan program.

  • To see Coverity issues you have to be a member of the GlusterFS project in Coverity scan website.
  • Here is the link to Coverity scan website
  • Go to above link and subscribe to GlusterFS project (as contributor). It will send a request to Admin for including you in the Project.
  • Once admins for the GlusterFS Coverity scan approve your request, you will be able to see the defects raised by Coverity.
  • BZ 789278 should be used as a umbrella bug for Coverity issues in master branch unless you are trying to fix a specific bug in Bugzilla.
    • While sending patches for fixing Coverity issues please use the same bug number.
    • For 3.6 branch the Coverity tracking bug is 1122834
  • When you decide to work on some issue, please assign it to your name in the same Coverity website. So that we don't step on each others work.
  • When marking a bug intentional in Coverity scan website, please put an explanation for the same. So that it will help others to understand the reasoning behind it.

If you have more questions please send it to gluster-devel mailing list

CPP Check

Cppcheck is available in Fedora and EL's EPEL repo

  • Install Cppcheck

    yum install cppcheck
  • Clone GlusterFS code

    git clone glusterfs
  • Run Cpp check

    cppcheck glusterfs/ 2>cppcheck.log
  • BZ 1091677 should be used for submitting patches to master branch for Cppcheck reported issues.

Daily Runs

We now have daily runs of various static source code analysis tools on the glusterfs sources. There are daily analyses of the master, release-3.6, and release-3.5 branches.

Results are posted at