Release Process for GlusterFS

Create tarball

  1. Add the release-notes to the docs/release-notes/ directory in the sources
  2. after merging the release-notes, create a tag like v3.6.2
  3. push the tag to
  4. create the tarball with the release job in Jenkins

Notify packagers

Notify the packagers that we need packages created

  • Fedora/EL RPMs - ndevos, kkeithley, hchiramm, lalatenduM
  • SuSE RPMs - kkeithley
  • Pidora RPMs - kkeithley
  • Debian/Ubuntu .debs - semiosis
  • MacOS X Homebrew - Justin Clift
  • NetBSD Port - Manu
  • FreeBSD Port - Craig Butler

Create Release Announcement

Create the Release Announcement (this is often done while people are making the packages). The contents of the release announcement can be based on the release notes, or should at least have a pointer to them.


Send Release Announcement

Once the Fedora/EL RPMs are ready (and any others that are ready by then), send the release announcement:

  • Gluster Mailing lists
    • gluster-announce, gluster-devel, gluster-users
  • Gluster Blog
  • Gluster Twitter account
  • Gluster Facebook page
  • Gluster LinkedIn group - Justin has access
  • Gluster G+

Close Bugs

Close the bugs that have all their patches included in the release. Leave a note in the bug report with a pointer to the release announcement.

Other things to consider

  • Translations? - Are there strings needing translation?