Guidelines For Maintainers

GlusterFS has maintainers, sub-maintainers and release maintainers to manage the project's codebase. Sub-maintainers are the owners for specific areas/components of the source tree. Maintainers operate across all components in the source tree.Release maintainers are the owners for various release branches (release-x.y) present in the GlusterFS repository.

In the guidelines below, release maintainers and sub-maintainers are also implied when there is a reference to maintainers unless it is explicitly called out.

Guidelines that Maintainers are expected to adhere to

​1. Ensure qualitative and timely management of patches sent for review.

​2. For merging patches into the repository, it is expected of maintainers to:

    a> Merge patches of owned components only.
    b> Seek approvals from all maintainers before merging a patchset spanning multiple components.
    c> Ensure that regression tests pass for all patches before merging.
    d> Ensure that regression tests accompany all patch submissions.
    e> Ensure that documentation is updated for a noticeable change in user perceivable behavior or design.
    f> Encourage code unit tests from patch submitters to improve the overall quality of the codebase.
    g> Not merge patches written by themselves until there is a +2 Code Review vote by other reviewers.

​3. The responsibility of merging a patch into a release branch in normal circumstances will be that of the release maintainer's. Only in exceptional situations, maintainers & sub-maintainers will merge patches into a release branch.

​4. Release maintainers will ensure approval from appropriate maintainers before merging a patch into a release branch.

​5. Maintainers have a responsibility to the community, it is expected of maintainers to:

    a> Facilitate the community in all aspects.
    b> Be very active and visible in the community.
    c> Be objective and consider the larger interests of the community  ahead of individual interests.
    d> Be receptive to user feedback.
    e> Address concerns & issues affecting users.
    f> Lead by example.

Queries on Guidelines

Any questions or comments regarding these guidelines can be routed to gluster-devel at gluster dot org.

Patches in Gerrit

Gerrit can be used to list patches that need reviews and/or can get merged. Some queries have been prepared for this, edit the search box in Gerrit to make your own variation:

An other option can be used in combination with the Gerrit queries, and has support for filename/directory matching (the queries above do not). Go to the settings in your Gerrit profile, and enter filters like these: