GlusterFS Documentation

The documentation contained here is for GlusterFS, a scalable network filesystem suitable for data-intensive tasks such as cloud storage and media streaming. GlusterFS is free and open source software and can utilize common off-the-shelf hardware. To learn more, please see the Gluster project home page.

Get Started: Download/Install Guide

Since Gluster can be user in different ways and for different tasks, it would be difficult to explain everything at once. We recommend that you follow the Quick Start Guide first. By utilizing a number of virtual machines, you will create a functional test setup to learn the basic concepts with. You will then be much better equipped to read the more detailed Install Guide.

  • Quick Start Guide - Start here if you are new to Gluster!

  • Installation Guides describes the prerequisites and provides step-by-instructions to install GlusterFS on various operating systems.

More Documentation

  • Administration Guide - describes the configuration and management of GlusterFS.

  • GlusterFS Developer Guide - - describes how you can contribute to this open source project; built through the efforts of its dedicated, passionate community.

  • Upgrade Guide - if you need to upgrade from an older version of GlusterFS.

  • Features - Guides for the features in the new release.